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Dispersion Kneader

UTTAM Dispersion Kneader machine ensures uniform dispersion of compounds, easy cleaning for color change & simple operation and symbolizes techno-economic success. This kneader can be employed in a wide assortment of material mixing ranging from low viscosity adhesives to high viscosity rubber. The entire range of Dispersion Kneader has cooling jacket construction which thereby improves the mixing dispersion and prevents material from scorching. These kneaders promote cooling & low temperature mixing and are highly demanded in chemical, plastic and rubber industries.

"UTTAM" Offers complete series of Standard Pneumatic Operated (Standard Model) and Hydraulic Operated (NO AIR COMPRESSOR REQUIRED) Dispersion Kneaders from 25 To 150 Liters Production Sizes in Front Feed – Front Discharge and Rear Feed – Front Discharge Models.


  • Rubber Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Plastic Industry


  • Blades of rotors are well designed for better dispersion & faster cycle time.
  • Effective cooling system to control overheating.
  • Easy Cleaning for Color Change.
  • Hydraulic Tilting System for trouble free working.
  • Reputed Brand make Helical Gear Box as per Safety Factor.
  • Simple Operation through Quality Designed Electric Panels & Safety Systems.

Dispersion Kneader Dispersion KneaderDispersion KneaderDispersion KneaderDispersion Kneader

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Designing Specifications

MIXING CHAMBER : Alloy steel chamber duly finished, hard faced, hard chrome platted & Polished and jacketed for water cooling or Steam heating.

PRESSURE LID : Alloy steel of rigid thickness, duly machined finished hard chrome platted & Polished and jacketed for water cooling or Steam heating.

ROTORS : Blades are of Alloy steel Cast and its edges are further duly hard faced with special purpose alloy steel deposits to give wear resistance surface. Rotors are duly hard chrome platted, polished and hollowed for water Cooling or Steam heating.

TITLING : Discharge of material by Hydraulic tilting system for Trouble free working. This system has maintenance cost to almost NIL.

Dust Seals : Self lubricated dust stop seals made of durable fiber and are easily Replaceable.

Gearbox: Two Stage Hardened and Ground Helical reduction gearbox of Premium (Greaves) / Shanty make of suitable safety factor and having minimum Noise level.

Electric Control Panel : Push button Star Delta starting system Consisting of L&T make Switchgears & Controls. Electric Control Panel is equipped with all safety features required for Comfortable running of machine.

Technical Specifications

Model Effective Working Capacity In Liters Chamber Volume in Litres Main Motor H.P. Tilting Method Mixing Chamber Tilting Angle Tilting Motor Required Air Compressor
URM-K-25 25 45 40 Hydraulic 130o 3 H.P 3 HP
URM-K-35 35 75 60 Hydraulic 130o 3 H.P 5 HP
URM-K-55 55 125 75 Hydraulic 130o 5 H.P 5 HP
URM-K-75 75 170 100 Hydraulic 130o 5 H.P 7.5 HP
URM-K-100 100 215 125 Hydraulic 130o 5 H.P 7.5 HP
URM-K-125 125 265 150 Hydraulic 130o 7.5 H.P 10 HP
URM-K-150 150 325 200 Hydraulic 130o 7.5 H.P 10 HP

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